In Giro Con Fluppa - My media kit (eng)

My media kit (eng)

In giro con Fluppa travel blog - Media kit

In giro con Fluppa

My aim is to naturally and simply describe the places I visit according to my personal point of view.

Honesty is my main value, that’s why I always give accurate and truthful reviews, both positive and negative, about places, restaurants, hotels and everything regarding my travels and their planning.
For the same reason I don’t buy followers and I don’t use BOTs: people who follow my blog are genuinely interested in my opinions. I strongly recommend checking my social media accounts on to prove the accuracy of my declaration.

For reasons of transparency of communication to the public, I adhere to the Italian Travel Blogger Association's Policy, which explains how to collaborate with Tourist Boards, Agencies and Companies.

You’ll notice that my blog is filled with pictures because, to me, photos express more than thousand words. I firmly believe that travel blogging is a unique resource for all travellers: I'm at the forefront when it comes to reading other travel bloggers experiences while planning a new trip.

Overall, my goal is to inspire a destination and give true information and tips to help with trip planning, or just trigger curiosity in all those people who've never been to a specific place before.

Isole Lofoten

My social networks (updated 30th of May, 2018):

Quarterly audience overview (March - May 2018):

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18-24: 27.50%
25-34: 33.50%
35-44: 15.50%
45-54: 12.50%
55-64: 5.50%
65+: 5.50%
Gender: 45.85% women, 54.15% men
Country: 67% Italy, 22% UK, 11% other

Past collaborations, awards, interviews


Why should you work with me?

  • My posts are always truthful and my readers appreciate that;
  • People often ask me advice about places, accommodation, websites and get inspiration from my blog;
  • High-quality photos, I use photoshop the least possible to avoid reality distortion;
  • Member of AITB (Italian Travel Bloggers Association);
  • Bilingual: I write both in Italian and English.



Facebook: ingiroconfluppa (fan page), Flavia Iarlori (personal profile)
Twitter: @InGiroConFluppa
Instagram: @in_giro_con_fluppa

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