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Work with me!

Thank you for your interest in working with In giro con Fluppa. This is a travel blog with a focus on DIY travel, city breaks, and road trips. My audience is 25-45 y.o. Italian speaking, whose main interests are travel, outdoor, transport, and accommodation.

How we can work together

  • sponsored blog posts and social media content
  • blog tour / press trip / media visits
  • hotels / restaurants / attractions reviews
  • link building
  • affiliate marketing

In giro con Fluppa's Media kit

Blog stats in a nutshell - February-April 2023:

  • Page views: 46.633
  • Avg Time on Page: 01:40
  • Zoom authority: 47
  • Domain authority: 13

Social media - April 2023:

Facebook: 1425 followers
Instagram: 1782 followers

I may not have the biggest fanbase in the travel market, but my numbers are real. That means I've never used bots, pods or bought followers for vanity metrics, my readers are real people who actually engage with my content (see engagement rate on my media kit, also check my IG account on
I also focus more on my blog posts because I strongly believe that a blog post brings a bigger and longer-lasting value compared to social content.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss working together.

Facebook: ingiroconfluppa (fan page), Flavia Iarlori (personal profile)
Instagram: @in_giro_con_fluppa
Pinterest: @ingiroconfluppa

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