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Hvar was the perfect holiday, the ideal place for me and all my 9 travelling friends. Hvar involved the beginning of a new life, a big love and a lot of new friends, the reinforcement of the relationship with my brother and my cousin. Hvar was THE holiday!

I get emotional every time I see the pictures, because it ‘s been the best year of my life. I’m not telling you the wonderful moments at home, the games, the fights, the laughters, ’cause anyway, although they’re unforgettable, they’re not useful for the informative purposes of the travel blog :)

The trip and the house

We left Bari with the ship on the August 4, 2007, excited about the idea of two weeks of fun and relax with many friends. This time we had only the tickets of the crossing from Italy to Croatia, we would be worried about the accomodation on the spot. Once landed in Stari Grad, we took the bus that drove us to Hvar, buying the tickets aboard.

In Hvar then we split into groups to look for accommodation: neither a travel agency could have done better, because we found a flat in the city centre, on the first floor of a building next to the theatre, between the castle and the harbour! Here are the photos of the square next our flat, the theatre and the harbour respectively at sunrise and during the morning :

The town and the sea

In Hvar stone is the master: stone walls, stone roads, stone houses, rock beaches, everything is made by stones. The sea is really cold, but it has one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen *_*

In Hvar you can smell lavender in any street, because the island has endless fields of this fragrant flower: all the stalls sell bags, oils, soaps, and lavender honey too! And then Hvar is the kingdom of boats! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like small boats, they’re so romantic!

The fortress

Another attraction of Hvar is the fortress. It’s situated on the hill behind the town, it has 4 beautiful towers, cannons, prisons, various corridors and rooms. In the night has a magical and thrilling atmosphere, but during the day you can make the best pictures:

(let’s note in this photo the dalmatian dog in Dalmatia! *_*)

From Hvar you can also do several boat tours on the surrounding islands. I made a separate post for Stipanska, Vis and Brac :)

Last but not least, the food. We ate really well and cheap! The Croatian beers are the Karlovacko and Ozujsko Pivo: blondes, refreshing and low alcohol content. The fish is always fresh, the most used cooking method is grill, for both meat and fish. I recommend the restaurant “Marinero” for fish (i.e. grilled fresh tuna 60 kn-8 €) and “Kod Matkovica” for meat (i.e. steak 80 kn-​​ 10 €)

Wonderful Hvar *_*

firma di Flavia Iarlori
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  • good food
  • cheap
  • wonderful crystal sea
  • romantic


  • beaches made of stone (i hate that!)
  • water sooo cold

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