Lordington lavender field, a scented French corner in UK

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  3. Lordington lavender field, a scented French corner in UK

This has been my reaction after finding out about another unexpectedly graceful corner of this rainy island 😅

I thought that lavender was just Provence's and Croatia's trait, but I had to change my mind when I discovered this farm just a couple of hours driving from my place!

The Lordington lavender field, in West Sussex, is the most hidden English place I come across.
It is located southwest, almost on the coast, near Portsmouth.
It's surrounded by the National Nature Reserve of Kingley Vale and, as every county, is packed with cottages and meadows!
Entrance is £4 per person and includes a donation to charity (children are free).
Too bad it didn't last long: this year the farm has been open to the public just from 13th to 17th of July!
The field is crowded of happy children and dogs! Besides the beautiful lavender field there are sweet ladies selling cakes, muffins and glasses of milk, it's such a beautiful scenery!
Not to mention the sun, worthy the best of summers! 😍

We reached Lordington by car, we rented from Hertz at Heathrow airport.
We chose to get over there by subway to avoid the central London traffic (the previous time, going to Cornwall, we rented in Euston wasting an hour just to get out of the city!) and also because renting online with pick-up&return at the airport is cheaper: £40 rental plus £10 petrol. Considering that we were in 4, we spent just £12.50 each!

The whole experience intrigued me...back home I looked for other fields.
So I'm ready for next year, we'll have choice between:

  • Banstead, in Surrey
  • Shoreham, in Kent
  • Snowshill – Cotswolds, in Gloucestershire
  • in Hertfordshire


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