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This story is about two guys who get a Law Degree in Italy. They start their careers as lawyers first in Naples, then in Rome.
They move together, they go travelling but they're unsatisfied about the ordinary life: the traffic jam, too many hours spent in the office, coming back home late. Also, they feel to be not part of the lawyers environment.

Guess what they do? They leave everything back and move to Australia! 😍
They apply for a working holiday Visa, spend some time in a farm: she cooks Italian food and helps the lambs to come into the world! Then they move to Melbourne, he works in an ice cream parlour and she is a waiter in a restaurant. In the meantime they explore the Gold Coast, do safaris in the Outback, enjoy the wind on the Great Ocean Road.

After a year they feel to come back home, but with a mission: to change their life. Australia lets their real desire out, which is working in the tourism industry. They end up in Pietrasanta by chance and they fell in love with it...

Now, imagine listening these charming stories relaxed on their terrace, drinking a coffee and surrounded by lemon plants and coffee tables. This is how Paolo and Paola welcomed us in their B&B, just as they welcome some friends at home!

I don't wanna tell you about the how nicely the rooms are decorated, different each others, in a unique style.
I don't wanna tell you about the convenient position, at a short walk from the historical center and from the train station, with free parking.
For these information you can consult their website which also has beautiful pictures which do its justice!

Above all, I'd like to focus on the passion these guys put in everything they do.
Starting from breakfast, served on the terrace by themselves. Paolo makes excellent fresh fruit&veg juices, Paola bakes muffins and cakes every evening.
They go for shopping every day, choosing bio products coming from local farms.

While working they chat with everyone and they make fun of each others, they laugh.

They don't act like chef or barman but as a couple of friends having guests for breakfast; this atmosphere makes you want to help in clearing the tables (I did it!) 😆
They're super helpful with their suggestions about what to visit, where to go, what to eat; they give you maps and any sort of advice.

It's actually the first time I write a piece just for a B&B, but they're friends who works hard and deserve all my support.
They're so good and happy that make you leave thinking to open a B&B! 😜

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  • the owners are welcoming and helpful
  • handmade breakfast served every morning
  • quiet place
  • nice furnishing
  • central location


  • nothing!!

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