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October is a magician

Autumn is the best season to visit London. No, maybe winter, during the Christmas period. No no no, it's summer, with the warm sun and gentle breeze! Ok ok ok...any time is a good time to take a walk in this beautiful city!

I'm lucky to live here and enjoy all the seasons, but I must be honest: October is a magician, arrives with his wand, shaking it slightly to spread warm colors dust on all the leaves below him and completely change the city's face.

Regents Canal

In short, I bought a new zoom lens for my Canon in anticipation of Australia (Amazon i love you); to test it I took the Overground and I got off toHaggerston.
Walking on the right, after just two minutes you reach the Regents Canal. I walked along it until Mile End.

I'm not a huge fan of the Thames: it split the city, the lack of bridges to the east forces you to take long routes when actually it would take 5 minutes to go from side to side. And it's brown. And often stormy. Basically it's annoying!

But God bless the canals! Small, romantic, inhabited by ducks and many water birds, canals may be brown but being often sprinkled with green leaves don't let you realize their real color.
They reminds me so much Amsterdam and my beloved Copenhagen!

Broadway Market

Halfway you get to Broadway Market, i've never been here before. One of the most authentic markets of all the city! You'll find stalls selling raw milk straight from the cow, in glass bottles (you recognize it 'cause its color is darker then whole milk), fruit and vegetables, cakes, pies and cakes, olives and cheese ...

... plus stands with vintage clothes, handmade bags and baskets, toys shops. pubs and independent coffee shops with a sweet background music kindly provided by street artists. I watched all the characters that made up this scenario and I felt in love with their scarves and hats, their beards, their steaming teas, wagging dogs, coats and colorful socks.

Victoria Park

Smiling I came back along the Regent's Canal until the entrance of Victoria Park What I see under my feet? A duck lane...soooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A quick Google search informs me that this is a new campaign called "Share the Space, Drop your Peace", which invites anyone transits along the canals to consider the space of others.
I love you Londoners *_*

As soon as I step inside that fence, a storm of warm colors hits me: twitters, crunching leaves, joyful children. The leaves are multicolor: from green to yellow, ochre, red, purple...a wonder to behold!

I step on the bridge, cross the pond and come to the pagoda. I read that it was build before the construction of the bridges, in 1847. Lacking of public access, the children in that time thought that a Chinese family lived in that pagoda and come out only at night to feed the swans and other birds of the lake :)

Around the corner i find two trees which give me the most beautiful picture of the day: all the shades of warm colors, from yellow to bright red, in a single hair.

October, you worked hard this year: well done! *_*

firma di Flavia Iarlori

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