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Lofoten Islands: when nature meets magic! Part one, Svolvær and surroundings.
When nature meets magic: these are Lofoten Islands, one of the most beautiful places in the world! Part one: Svolvær and surroundings.
My first meeting with fjords: Norway in a nutshell
My first meeting with fjords! Norway in a Nutshell is half way between a cruise and a train trip, giving you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful landscapes, small villages and a couple of fjords in just one day!
Where to stay - and see the Northern Lights - on the Lofoten Islands
Where to stay - and see the Northern Lights - on the Lofoten Islands? Here's a secret...
Menorca, a marine paradise
In 1993 Menorca has been declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It's one of the most beautiful seaside location I have been so far, indeed!
My Norwegian Tour
My Norwegian tour 10 days long, travelling around cities, fjords, islands and mountains!
Such a holiday, Zakynthos! August 2008, the summer when we reached the peak of people leaving all together: 16 guys, friends or not didn’t matter. Now, imagine the fights, loves, accidents, laughter, the teases that attended our 10 days together :)
Hvar, the beginning of everything
Hvar was the perfect holiday, the ideal place for me and all my 9 travelling friends. Hvar involved the beginning of a new life, a big love and a lot of new friends, the reinforcement of the relationship with my brother and my cousin. Hvar was THE holiday!
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