About Me

Disgustingly neat, a great lover of colours, a bit too proud and always looking for positive vibes.

I cannot lie and I always look at the bright side of things.

Born in Italy, a happy Londoner since 2011.

I have a wandering soul, so far I have lived in 4 cities and changed 10 flats. The truth is that relocations amuse me 😆

I compare the price of everything with a flight! I'm like: "£100 for a pair of shoes? Are you crazy? For the same price, I'd rather fly to Copenhagen!"

My favourite trip has been to Australia, the land that mostly put me in contact with nature and make me realize how small and harmless we are. Australia taught me even more respect for animals, that's the place where I've decided that I'll never take my children to any zoo or circus.

I never come back refreshed from a trip, going to sleep tired makes me happy!

My travels don't start when I hit the road but when I get inspiration and end only when I've published my photos and my blog posts.

Travelling made me understand that the most beautiful things are the natural and the unexpected ones, that a simple photo is enough to make me spend a full salary to go somewhere, and that the connection with people and nature is what mostly gets stuck in my heart.

The handsome guy you often see in my photos is my best friend, travel companion, husband and the one who created my website from nothing: Massimo
Every year he finds a different nickname for me, Fluppa is one of those 😊

In 2021 our daughter Victoria ❤ joined our lives and we keep on travelling with her.

Some time ago I heard a sentence that immediately became my motto: live a life that deserves to be told!

Flavia Iarlori, aka Fluppa.

Enjoy the reading!

Read my travel blog posts here:

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