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Lofoten Islands: when nature meets magic! Part one, Svolvær and surroundings.
When nature meets magic: these are Lofoten Islands, one of the most beautiful places in the world! Part one: Svolvær and surroundings.
My first meeting with fjords: Norway in a nutshell
My first meeting with fjords! Norway in a Nutshell is half way between a cruise and a train trip, giving you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful landscapes, small villages and a couple of fjords in just one day!
Where to stay - and see the Northern Lights - on the Lofoten Islands
Where to stay - and see the Northern Lights - on the Lofoten Islands? Here's a secret...
Lordington lavender field, a scented French corner in UK
Lordington lavender field, another unexpectedly graceful corner in this rainy island 😆
My Norwegian Tour
My Norwegian tour 10 days long, travelling around cities, fjords, islands and mountains!
Castle Combe
You'll need half an hour to visit Castle Combe and ten seconds to fall in love with it!
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