Printing your own photos with Saal Digital: my review

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Today, 1 October 2018, I am finally happy with my photos!
It took me 4 years, since I took this Canon for the first time, to be really pleased with my shots. You all know that I am hyper critical and strict with myself, that 99% of the time I cannot enjoy my successes 'cause I think I could have done better or it was just a matter of luck.
Not this time though, I have now reached a beautiful awareness of my photographic style, I know what I'm going to capture, when and how to do it. The shots, the lights, the colors, the objects that I deliberately leave outside my frame, they're exactly my world, the way I see my surroundings, the beauty of my days. I finally found the way to express myself through the lens and I no longer go out doubting my abilities, instead I know that the beauty is already out there, I'm just going to get it!
Without this awareness I would never have allowed myself to turn one of my photos into a wall decor.

Saal foto originale

Saal Digital showed up at just the right time! Two weeks ago I was browsing Instagram when I found an ad: this company was giving a £50 voucher to try out one of their wall decor. Bingo! My new flat has bare walls and I've never fancied impersonal decors. I chose the above image because it was taken in the district of London where I live and because the tones of this sunrise, just by coincidence, match those of the walls in my room 😍

How to order a wall decor with Saal Digital

I started by preparing the photo for printing, using Lightroom to warm up the colors so that they match the walls of my room and making sure that the size and resolution were adequate.

From Saal Digital website I then downloaded their software that allowed me to choose the printing material, check the prices, dimensions and mounting availability, and select the orientation of the photo.

Saal software

Among the various printing materials options I chose Alu Dibond, which gave the colors an impressive saturation and sharpness. The panel is 3mm thick and what I appreciated the most is the possibility to custom the size: I wanted to hang the photo to the wall above my desk, hence I could set the measurements and didn't have to necessarily choose one of their standard dimensions.

By selecting the option "without frame", they send two hooks to stick on the back of the photo.

While loading the photo I realized that the software has a very useful feature, which is the one that warns you if the photo resolution is big enough for the desired dimensions. Thanks to this automatic control I was able to go back to Lightroom and improve the resolution before going ahead with the payment.

Saal Digital 1

Finalizing the order, at the time of payment I noticed that the voucher allowed me to save £50 on the value of the print, but not on shipping and VAT.

Saal Digital 2
I completed the order on Monday evening and on Wednesday afternoon they emailed me to let me know that my order had been dispatched!

The delivery was on schedule, exactly 7 days after the order. The print was wrapped in layers and layers of cling film and had a protective cardboard to avoid any kind of scratches during the shipment.

Saal Digital 3

Once opened the packaging, I couldn't believe my eyes: the colors are vivid and bright, the material is sturdy and the image perfectly reflects the original photo!
It's the first time I print one of my photos, so I can't compare with other companies, but after hearing the prices some friend photographers have found elsewhere, I would say that Saal Digital has an enviable value for money!
So yes, a big fat thumb up for Saal Digital!

I feel like a child who has just built her own most beautiful Christmas gift ❤

firma di Flavia Iarlori
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