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Ok, I must admit.
First time I saw Cardiff it's been in a Doctor Who episode :D
Going ahead with the series, becoming more and more fan and founding out that in Cardiff, apart from the location of several episodes, there' s also the interactive museum of the series ... well, I decided to go for a walk :D
In this post I'll dismiss everything concerning the series: you can consult my facebook page where I posted all the Doctor Who experience pictures.

City centre

We visited Cardiff on a cold Sunday in the middle of February. A nice hailstorm caught us by surprise, forcing us to enter in a coffee shop waiting for the calm after the storm. Maybe because of the hail, cold, the closed shops, but the centre was quite desert! We made a quick stroll through the streets of the centre and then we headed to the castle.


I really enjoyed Cardiff's Castle! Quite cheap price (11£ audioguide included), at the entrance there is a "fun area " where you can try on medieval style clothes and a small room broadcasting a short movie about the city and the castle.

Norman fortress

Once out of these tunnels you can walk along the walls up to the Norman fortress: climb to the top, you'll enjoy a beautiful view :)

Castle rooms

Is now time for the caste magnificent apartments: endless gold and books, mosaics, paintings, statues ... those noble knights' wealth is still evident.

Cardiff Bay

After the interesting visit to the castle, we moved to the Cardiff Bay: the peeping sun, the cries of the seagulls, the ocean smell (we're on the Bristol Channel!), the busy restaurants and cafes remind me of the beautiful Italian Sunday afternoons, walking on the promenade during the winter too *_*

Millennium Centre

And finally, the Millennium Centre: it hosts opera, drama, dance and music performances. To be honest, I had to peek on the Internet the meaning of the verses in Welsh engraved on the main entrance dome front: "create the truth like glass from the furnace of inspiration", more or less :D
And the English verses say: "in these stones horizons sing".

Whovians, do you recognize this last picture, don't you?

firma di Flavia Iarlori
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  • sea scent
  • relaxed buzz
  • interesting visit to the Castle


  • the classic British weather :/

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