Lofoten Islands: when nature meets magic! Part two, Reine and surroundings.

October 2016
4 days
Super wide angle lens is a must!
Delicious fish soup!
Luxuriant golden nature!
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Here we are with the second part of my story about Lofoten Islands!
(Have you missed the first part? Here it is!)
Where did we get last time? Oh yes, in Kabelvåg, a small village dotted with colourful houses, small cafes and some hostels. 10 minutes driving later we fond the junction to Henningsvær ...


Henningsvær is a typical fishing village, located over several small islands about 25 km southeast from Svolvær.
Its architecture is traditional Norwegian: old colourful wooden stilt houses, typical restaurants and cafes, small independent shops, and the art gallery Lofoten Hus (closed from October to January).

The road to get there is beautiful, made out of bridges connecting little islands, passing between mountains and lakes 😍

Skagsanden Beach

Continuing along the E10 towards Å, on the island of Flakstadøya, we suddenly met Skagsanden Beach.
Impossible not to see it, it's right there, big and clear. A beach!!!
How weird is to find a beach after miles and miles of stones, mountains, and rocks? But there it is, forcing us to slam on the brakes, get off the car and run to the shore.
The stream reaching the sea sets funny white and black drawings on the sand, some rocks emerge from the water and the not-really-sunny sky sharpens the Nordic scenario.

Oh, look at this bridge we found shortly after the beach!
What is it, a launch pad? 😍


In Hamnøy we've been lucky enough to sleep two nights in a beautiful Rorbu at Eliassen Rorbuer, a complex of 35 cottages nestled in the spectacular Reine fjord (I went properly through it here).
Our cottage overlooked the sea, just opposite Olstind mountain.
Also, getting out the door was enough to see that wonderful show that is the Northern Lights!!
I want to come back so badly! 😍


12 min driving from Hamnøy you'll find Reine, the most photographed village of all the Lofoten islands.
Such a shame to have found a bad weather that day 😞
With the fishermen red cabins dotting the coast and the surrounding mountains, Reinefjorden is considered by many the most beautiful place in the world!
Reine is a quiet village with an incomparable natural scenery. Ok, I found fog and rain, but google Reine and let me know 😅
On the way there you'll find a small Co-op, handy for shopping and save some money by cooking a few meals.


Just before you get to Å your attention will be captured by a group of yellow and red Rorbuer facing the sea: we are in Tind, a tiny old fishing village consisting of a handful of small houses, a restaurant and a bar. These Rorbuer look new, or at least recently painted.
I can see a couple of cods hanging to dry and I realize I have not seen them yet, despite their fame.
Many people told me that Lofoten Islands smell of fish, I luckily or unfortunately did not smell anything but fresh air 😅

Here's a video of noises seagulls and me nearly slipped 😆


Less than 10 kilometers west of Reine the E10 ends in the picturesque village of Å, the last one on the Lofoten islands.
You'll have to park the car and walk to the actual village, through a path that also leads to the cliff. It feels to be at the end of the world, but it's only the end of the islands!
The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, a museum dedicated to dried cod, is located in a Rorbu and offers a glimpse of village life and fishing on Lofoten over the centuries.
I found weird that the sign indicating the museum is written in Italian, then we found out why: 80% of the cod caught in the Lofoten archipelago, considered one of the best in Norway, is exported in Italy! 😄

I wished I could have found a better weather just the day I visited Reine, such a bad luck! But I must admit I've been very lucky for the rest of the trip: sun, clear skies and Northern Lights followed me on 9 days out of 10!
I'll have to come back, will I?
Maybe in summer, when the sun never set down the horizon 😍 Or in winter, with the snow that makes the landscape pure white 😍
Lofoten Islands are perfect in any season, you really are spoilt for choice!

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  • Northern Lights
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • L'esperienza di dormire in un Rorbu
  • Mild temperatures


  • Expensive

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