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Ferry, hotel, car

In 1993 Menorca has been declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It's one of the most beautiful seaside location I have been so far, indeed!
I don't understand why it lives in the shadow of its older sister, Majorca: the little island is much more beautiful, less crowded, wilder, cheaper, and more romantic! In short, much much better, in all aspects!

We reached this beautiful island sailing from the port of Alcudia, in Majorca, by Iscomar ferry. The ticket was 49€ each. The crossing has not been one the best: that day a bad weather made the sea rough with high waves; 90% of passengers were seasick, including me! The bad weather lasted for the next two days, with dark clouds and wild wind: we took advantage of it to visit the villages and the archaeological sites, and then suddenly the sun popped out and the whole island became a marine paradise!

All right, first things first.

Once landed to Ciutadella we took a taxi to the hotel (5 minutes ride). We stayed at Hotel Madrid, 87€ each for 5 days: a really great price for a clean and quiet hotel, not very central but easily accessible by walk, and with a very friendly staff.

We had just 5 days and we wanted to explore as much as possible, that's why we decided to rent a car. We took a stroll to the town center finding Autos Ciutadella, where we rented a Hyundai Atos for 4 days, 140€ in total.

Ciutadella de Menorca

Ciutadella is really really cute! The harbour is a stylish area with plenty of restaurants and bars overlooking the dock, with several luxury boats.

Most of the houses are white, it's nice to take a walk around especially in the evening as the lights make a romantic atmosphere! (Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn't have my Canon yet!)

Lithica labyrinth

If you like archaeology, you cannot miss a visit to the natural labyrinth of Lithica!
It is an old quarry turned into a park with paths, gardens and panoramic views. Arrived at the centre of the labyrinth, looking at the majestic walls around me, I felt so small!
It's located about 1 km from Ciutadella and the ticket is 5€ each.


Mahon is the capital of Menorca, located on the opposite side of Ciutadella, on the far east of the island. It has one of the largest ports I have ever seen! It is always quite busy because of the restaurants, stalls and traditional shops of the town centre.


Fornells is a small fishing village on the north of the island. Completely out of the touristic routes, it has a small market and white houses.

Binibeca Vell

Minorca is one of the places I would love to come back for a summer holiday, and having seen by chance Binibeca Vell I can definitely say that next time I will choose a room in this beautiful place!

It is basically a holiday resort, built in a way which perfectly remind the small, white, and quiet villages of the island: with narrow streets, mills, gardens with palm trees. Too cute!

Cala Blanca

Let's now talk about Menorca's strength: its beaches and sea!

I'm going to start from Cala Blanca, south from Ciutadella, a very nice little bay supplied by bars, free showers and bathrooms, sun beds and umbrellas, but also a free car park and a small pine grove very helpful during the warmer hours.

Cala en Turqueta

A marvellous place!! It's a white sandy bay with turquoise sea (the bay is named after its colour, indeed), hidden among the pine trees in the southern part of Menorca. To get there we had to leave the car at the park and walk into the grove embracing the beach. It's not a too long walk, paid back by one of the most beautiful seas Europe can offer!

I recommend to go there as soon as possible, as being the best beach of the island, it's obviously crowded in late mornings and early afternoons. Bring water and food because it lacks bars or restaurants!

Cala Binidali

South-east of the island, riding down the coast just a few minutes from Sant Climent, you'll find another gift from Mother Earth: Cala Binidali. You'll have to park your car at the top of the rock and you'll enjoy the marvellous colours of this small beach: white sand and turquoise and blue sea.

Walking down the pine grove you'll reach the beach: surrounded by green, very small and little touristic, you can't help but leave the towels on the beach and dive in that beautiful clear water! You won't find any kind of bar here too, so... bring your stuff!

Cala Binisafuller

Cala Binisafuller is little bay located near the village of Binibeca Vell and is an extremely relaxing place. Fine sand, surrounded by rocks, quiet. Jealous girlfriends, be careful: this beach has the highest concentration of topless tourists I've ever seen! 😅

Cova d'en Xoroi

Last but not least, Cova d'en Xoroi: when nature and man work together building wonders 😍 This is nothing more than a restaurant built in a cave overhanging the sea: by day you can visit its roofs and take a drink, by night it becomes a disco.

The sunset here is one of the most beautiful ever seen, that ball of fire slowly falls into the sea and the colours of the rocks and roofs get warmer and warme

This place has a magical atmosphere, dictated by the legend surrounding its discovery.
"Xoroi, an unknown man who came by sea, likely survivor of some shipwreck, took refuge in the cave. In winter, the island got covered by an unusual snow, revealing imprints. Some armed men, following the imprints, went down into the cove, and in the cove they met a man, a woman and three children, fruits of their love. Xoroi, helpless and surrounded, jumped into the sea with his older son.The same sea that had brought him to the island closed on them keeping the mystery of their lives. The woman and the other two children were transferred to Alayor where their descendants still live"

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